Thursday, September 16, 2021

In our quest for safe diets that will take off the tonnage fast and easily – without destroying our health, Don’t forget the water. It’s easy to forget, but should be a big part of all safe diets.

The big theory – that water plays an important role in safe diets – is very popular and widespread. It is generally accepted as a key element in safe diets and few if any people argue it’s effectiveness. When it comes to losing weight, we can use all the tips and pointers we can get, so let’s check it out.

It seems simplistic, but safe diets are all about one thing, burning more calories than we take in. Sounds easy enough, how does water fit in?

Water is unique in that it has no calories and you never have to think twice about drinking it! Drink all you want – it’s good for you! Not only do you never have to worry about it, most of us don’t get enough! Make it a regular daily habit. Water helps safe diets in a myriad of ways…

First…No calories means – no extra weight! Drink whenever you want, it won’t hurt your diet. Adding a glass of water before each meal will help you to eat less too!

Second…water will flush out your system and help get rid of all the toxins that have been building up in there. It flushes the kidneys, hydrates the blood, helps the liver and so on, and so on, and so on…there are a bunch of general health and well being benefits.

Third…your brain function is enhanced by drinking water throughout the day! When you haven’t been drinking enough, you start to feel tired, headachy and sluggish. Most of us have been living with these symptoms our whole lives and never realized the cause of them. A glass in the morning will help you feel alive and alert.

No safe diets will avoid telling you to drop the sugar based drinks. Carbonated sodas, sugar added coffee, sugar added fruit juice and all the others. So, what can we drink? Many of us gravitate to diet drinks. Not a good idea, they contain chemicals that are really bad news. Obviously the safe alternative is water.

Carbonated beverages are not just full of sugar (empty calories). They are packed with sodium (heart problems), caffeine (addictive), food colorings (cancer), and other chemicals (carcinogens, hormone imbalances and damaged brain cells).

No safe diets would include them. They are nothing but empty, fat inducing calories and offer nothing of substance. It seems like a difficult task, but once you wean yourself off of them, you’ll feel so much better, you won’t ever want to go back.

If you don’t like the taste of the water coming from your tap…get a water filter (you should probably get a filter even if taste is not an issue). Other options include buying spring water.

Different brands taste differently so try several to find the one that is most to your liking.

Water is a supplement, not a replacement for food. Many of us are tempted to drink enough so that we feel full and don’t want to eat, but no safe diets would have you do this. It’s dangerous and risky. However, when tempted to reach for a juice or cola, go for the water bottle instead.


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