Thursday, September 16, 2021

Many people believe that there is no way to prevent panic attacks. They have suffered for years and believe they have tried everything. Psychiatric therapies and drugs have not worked for them. To prevent panic attacks, a new approach is required.

What is the cause of panic attacks? A chemical imbalance, say those who have drug treatments to sell. There is no recognized way to test for this imbalance, so it remains no more than a theory.

Repressed emotions, say others, but we must all be subject to some of those. They don’t cause us all to have debilitating panic attacks though.

Some blame exhaustion, mental, physical or emotional, that leads to a state of generalized anxiety. This leaves us more sensitive to potential triggers. A strange bodily sensation or a dark thought has us spiraling towards panic.

We only feel worse when it is given a label of “Anxiety Disorder”. It just confirms that there is something we should be worrying about.

When you finally go into a full blown panic attack, your ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered. An automatic system kicks in, to prepare your body to defend itself or to run away. It gets the adrenaline pumping and produces many of the strange sensations associated with a panic attack. But this is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about.

You are not in conscious control of this but you don’t need to be. It is the same system that allows you to breathe without thinking about it. Everything is OK but it doesn’t feel OK. You want to fight the feeling but that only makes it seem more frightening.

In battling your panic attacks, you give energy to them. What is happening is a normal bodily process and it can’t cause you any real harm. When the threat has passed, a second system will restore the normal balance. You need to let your body do what it knows how to do.

If you want to prevent panic attacks, a different mental approach is needed when you feel the early signs. Then you have to deal with the underlying anxiety. And you have to make the change permanent. There may be setbacks but they are a necessary part of the healing process. Anyone can prevent their panic attacks with some simple techniques.

Part one of this plan is very surprising. It requires you to embrace your panic attacks and explore them with interest. It is surprising how quickly your fear of them drops away. There is work to do but it is not difficult. Anyone can end their panic attacks.


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