Thursday, September 16, 2021

Having a water filter is about caring about your familys health and well-being. Having a water filter is to understand and know that the water you may be consuming daily isn’t as pure like many people assume. The problem of contaminated water does not just exist in third world countries rather it exists right here in our very own back yard. Sure! Water contamination is more prominent in third world countries than in the United States of America however we are still being affected by the same problem only to a lesser degree. While this may not be a problem for you, 45% of other fellow Americans complain about the water they receive from taps. Odor and a bad taste is the usual complaints however a new complaint is been warranted. This new complaint is that water which is being consumed is making people sick with diarrhea, head aches and sore stomach. The complaint has been diagnosed as water poisoning and in my opinion it is the new endemic problem that will only get worse. Already some chemical water poisoning cases have been linked to cancer, a new discovery that has a lot of people worried about their familys general health and well-being.

In what way is the water from my taps poisoning me?

Even though the water from our taps is certified as being clean enough to drink, it is not certified 100% as being free of disease carrying bacteria. The main source of tap water in cities is from a municipal source. That means that the water which you drink and bath in is the product of recycled water as the water from the municipal source is recycled waste water. Even though this may seem disgusting, the state of the art process involved in recycling this water back to purity is nothing short of revolutionary. But no matter how pure and clean this water may seem with the naked eye, when viewed under a microscope a different result is seen, a droplet of water contains millions of disease carrying bacteria that still exist even after the water has already been certified pure to drink. Some of the chemicals used in the disinfection process, such as lead, chlorine and fluoride pose an even greater threat because they still exist in the water after the purification process has been completed. These chemicals are necessary for disinfection however when overly used and overly consumed by the human body serious health issues start to take place.

Please understand that I’m not trying to condemn our water supplies rather I’m only trying to highlight there limitations in providing us with adequate pure water granted 100% to be free of bacteria and harmful chemicals.

What are some ways in which this problem can be eliminated?

Water contamination cannot be entirely cured overnight because to eliminate this problem is easier said then done. However by getting a water filter, this problem can be eliminated in your house. Water filters is the answer to this problem on a small scale. Excellent brands are filter Pur, watts and Puriclean, they are of immense quality and are proven in the filtering industry. Water filters filter down our water again by 98% by getting rid of bad odors and the bad taste caused from pre existing chemicals and bacteria. And as a result, fresh cleaner water is obtained by using these filters. Personally, I can taste and even feel the difference after using filters in my own home for a number of years now and water from taps is not the same after getting used to filtered water. It was a wise choice for me to invest in a water filter as the health of my family and I come first, Filter pur, watts and puriclean are just some filter options that can make a world of difference to your health and well-being. You can be assured that for the hundreds of households who do have water filters installed, they too know and feel the positive difference.


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