Thursday, September 16, 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Mark Wahlberg, it’s that he’s a gym rat. He’s always looking for new ways to challenge himself, whether it’s bulking up for a movie or just passing the time in quarantine—even exercising with Marines. Wahlberg aided with opening the brand-new F45 Training facility at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego on June 11. It’s the first-ever franchise gym on a military post, and Wahlberg stayed to work out with the Marines after helping cut the ribbon to launch the new site (he’s an investor in the company).

In a video from the ceremony, Wahlberg remarked, “I’m honored to be able to put up a gym on a military installation.” “Hopefully, we’ll be able to expand our partnership in the future. The ultimate goal is to have an F45 studio at every military installation on the planet.”

Wahlberg got immediately to work after cutting the ribbon with the base’s commander, Colonel Charles B. Dockery, and began working out with Marines and their families. F45 workouts are 45-minute group programs that include circuit training and high-intensity interval training to improve functional fitness for the entire body. There’s a lot of variability within that fundamental framework, though: Intensive cardio, weight training, bodyweight exercises, and other activities are all on the menu.

Even for Marines, according to Wahlberg, Friday’s session was challenging. He described it as “the best workout they’ll get all week.”

Wahlberg has a booming career as a fitness-focused entrepreneur, and F45 is only one of his endeavors, despite most people knowing him as an actor. He also founded Performance Inspired, a fitness supplement firm dedicated to developing clean, natural goods for all levels of athletes and fitness lovers. The brand sells a wide range of protein bars, powders, and supplements (as well as accessories and recovery gear) and has recently teamed up with pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau to create a new line of golf-specific items.

At Miramar, Wahlberg made it clear that he wants to help military members do more than keep in shape—he wants to help them develop jobs as well. As an investor, he has encouraged F45 to hire veterans at all firm levels and to provide possibilities for people interested in working in the fitness industry. Their military background, in his opinion, makes them an excellent match.

“Their work ethic, ability, and understanding of fitness and training and how to do it the proper way are priceless,” he said.


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