Thursday, September 16, 2021

Everyone wants beautiful skin; we often can’t help but to gawk at those with seemingly perfect skin and wonder just what is their secret. Is it in their genes? Some magic pill or cream? In reality most that have beautiful skin actually have a good skincare routine that they follow every single day. You might compare it to those who have a good physique – chances are they watch their diet and exercise regularly.

Those that have good figures did not achieve it overnight, it required working out regularly over a course of months or years. A quality skincare regime is similar, you may not achieve perfect skin overnight but by taking care of you skin it will continually look its best over time.

However, a formula for great skincare is more than washing and moisturizing your skin, and even thought these are important, the real recipe for quality skin starts from within. The way that you take care of yourself and what you eat and drink will show in the healthiness of your skin. No type of skincare routine will help if you have a poor diet and no type will give you the results of eating right and getting regular exercise.

You skin requires vitamins and amino acids in order to be healthy and look its best. It is possible to use topical products to supply the skin with nutrients, however the skin can absorb these nutrients better through the bloodstream or from within the body instead of topically. Nourishing the skin at the surface is recommended but nourishing your body from the inside out is required not only for great skin but for overall health as well.

Hydrating your body with fluids naturally is also more efficient than moisturizing with skincare products applied on the skins surface. When you hydrate naturally your skin can absorb the moisture properly where as topical moisturizers can be rubbed off or even evaporate before your skin has a chance to use them.

This should not be interpreted to mean that skincare products are worthless or not worth the money since a quality moisturizer should be a necessary item in all skincare regimes. The skin does benefit from these products by adding a level of moisture and forming a level of protection against pollutants like dirt and other elements that irritate the skin.

But good skincare is like having a flower garden. You can add water and plant food to your little flowers and these things do help tremendously, but it’s really the root of the flower that will determine if it’s going to be healthy or not. Solid roots in good soil will mean good flowers, whereas there’s not much you can do to make up for weak roots in poor soil.

Therefore be certain to follow a good nutrition plan, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Taking care of your entire body from within will give you the healthiest complexion.


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