Thursday, September 16, 2021

Given that NLP is a new technology and the fact that in today’s world, we eat up technology, it is sad that as human beings we have not taught ourselves how to effectively deal with the condition of being human. Given we have made great strides in inventing weapons, pollution and waste, not to mention great worthwhile achievements, we still struggle with issues of fairness, respect, integrity, tolerance and acceptance.

It is amazing that in today’s world, with such marvelous technology like Neuro Linguistic Programming, that people do not seem to be doing more to improve the most frequent and common behavior to humans. This being communication, we love technology and anything that will assist in transmitting or sending communication, however when it comes to the simple process of communication with emphases on integrity and respect for fellow human beings regardless of race, color or creed we are lacking, generally speaking. We just do not seem to be able to make the shift to becoming as a species, better communicators.

By learning NLP you will learn about creating rapport, by using the preferred communication that that particular person is using. It is about having the resourcefulness and attitude change. Learning NLP offers us a way to improve our conditioning through the appreciation and understanding of how others communicate. The number one assumption you will learn on your NLP course is to appeal to others through their unique map rather than imposing yours upon them.

There is a great need to educate people today that there are better ways to communicate with each other. Once you learn the process of NLP and have completed a course, you need to be a model for others. We need to make a difference and begin to ease tensions and have the process of better communication and understanding. The benefit firstly is for yourself. You will experience firsthand the power of this process mostly. What you will get out of Learning NLP is how to do your everyday life better. You will learn how to achieve results.

A great person once said “You can light a million candles off just one.” As you learn NLP and to take responsibility for the way you communicate, as a group we discover that what make us wonderful as a species is the fact that we are all different. We can help the next generation grow up with self esteem. We can assist adults of today in finding jobs and being positive and looking at being more productive. We can ease tension between all the different ethnic groups. Parents, children, teachers and students can become proud that we took steps to make the world a better place by having that flexibility to learn how to become better at understanding our own way of being human. It all must begin one on one, the way most communication occurs. The important thing about lighting a million candles is that your candle needs to be lit first! So what are you waiting for get lighting!


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